KidViews: SOOTHE & Inspired NEW Art

hello Its me.

Hope you guys had a cool weekend!

So, my weekend was really interesting ! I headed out to this event called “SOOTHE” (Say it in a seductive voice) …..Sooooooooooootheeeeee.

It was a really, really dope event filled with an array of talents such as

  • Music
  • Spoken Word
  • Poetry
  • and my favorite ART

The dress code was really classy and elegant so most folks walked in like


Meanwhile I walked in like


The visuals were really amazing, as you walked in after you gave up your ticket, you were greeted by the silhouette of a very curvaceous woman playing a saxophone as you can see below.


I had to wipe up my saliva from the way my mouth was open and so. Jeeeez…

So after that, you’d walked in to a dim room filled with different colored lights flashing and some soothing music being played via a live band and also Dj Nez. I mean,  just the vibe from everyone inside was just so refreshing.

The evening was filled with alot of local artists such as

  • Kadeem Joseph
  • Linisa George
  • Daina Barnes
  • Kelly Richardson & Venisa Gittens
  • J. Ryan
  • Heather Doram
  • Fayola Aisha and much more…

Besides hanging with a few cool people for the night (had to say this before they cuss me)…

What really caught my attention was the live painting being done by the great visionary Emile Hill. Everyone knows by now how I feel about paint and it being used as a form of expression, so I was basically stuck over there the entire night.

Below you can see my favorite piece he did for the night which he entitled “Soothe”


After being over there, I was really inspired to do a version of his art piece which is really the reason for this blog post.

So enough of my chatting, I’m sure you can see by now that I really enjoyed this event soooooooo here’s my final version of Soothe.

Tortured Soul
One Overall Body


Overall, I give my first experience of Soothe a solid 10! 

Continue to follow, Sign Up and Stay Tuned for some more cool stuff, real soon!

Till then, Stay Dope! ✌🏾

– That Kid




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