KidViews: DJ Jime Up3

You used to call me on my… 


Wasssup fam?!

So before I go into the review, lemme just say… NO I haven’t stopped photography 😒😒😒However, my camera wasn’t working so that’s basically what’s been happening but nah worry, big tings coming up soon.


Lettuce talk about DJ Jime’s UP3 

(Yall should really click the word lettuce tbh)

Now anyone who knows me know’s how much I respect DJ Jime work ethics so after experiencing DDF (Dadli Day Fete) Last Year Nov 1st, This event was a MUST go.

So the first thing on my agenda was getting a ticket and figuring out what Imma wear and all that, recently I been into putting together outfits for myself when I go to major events so this was no different.

Seeing it was “Trap Kid Chavy” going to the event, I had to look the part right? So below was my sketch and henna in progress

                                Nah Laugh at ma drawing -_-

Which consisted of nothing but affordable stuff like:

  • Drake Hotline Bling Cap – (Not sure where my friend got me this tbh)
  • Wide Neck White Tee – Shirt from Stephen B Shouls 😂😂 and Tailored by Marc
  • Long Ripped Jeans – Just a normal jeans that I ripped to my liking
  • Sleeve Henna Tattoo – Ishwari Experience India
  • High Top Black Boots – Hakims Clothing Store #supportlocal
  • Glitter Chain Necklace and other accessories

Everything that could have went wrong, WENT WRONG.

So I went to a seamstress first right, gave her a picture of how the shirt suppose to look and my girl end up making me a shirt that look exactly like the nurse uniform shirt. ( I wont even include a picture cause I aint bout to be no meme 😒)

Me at this point: kanye1

So I ended up having to buy a whole new shirt and find a better person to alter it…tuh. So now thinking everything now going well, the day arrived and Anya said we was getting ready by her to avoid to many trips, okay great…or so I thought.

Basically, Satan entered the room and caused havoc. We planned to leave the house 3:30 but ended up leaving mins to 5…Why?

Who makeup nah go wrong, Blouse a malfunction and my shirt well, that’s a next story but differently after all that happened everything was really cool after, so we were now able to leave.



Around 5 ish we arrived at the dock, was instructed to get our bands and our cups and wait for the boat.

The boat honestly didn’t take too long to come back for us, which was a real BIG plus.

Everyone was all dopely dressed and I remember seeing this girl who had on something similar to Rihanna in the work video which was kinda cool.

So we arrived at Dboat and as soon as we get on here comes Chas talking bout shots..but Who denies shots anyway? So we went to the bar and the service was really smooth, we didn’t have to wait long to be served or anything, so we got our shots really quickly.

Oh yeah, guess wha shots we took? FIREBALL aka No memories later but good thing we already got our pictures in and all that early so we was good.




After that we found our spot for the night and from there it was VIBESSSSSS++++++. Everyone was LIT basically, I didn’t sense any bad energy just bare fun for the rest of the day/night. Not to mention the ladies was MHM.

The Dj’s were all on point, not one genre was overplayed so there was no reason to ✂️✂️✂️✂️

We had

  • Dj Nez,
  • Dj Quixx
  • Dj Virus
  • Dj Jime
  • Dj Delano

with Mcee’s TJ & Stiffler

Which we got a variety of music ranging from Soca to Pop, R&B, Electronic, Dancehall and you know my favorite Trap/HipHop.

So you know when future played I was like….

Still don’t know how I reach on top the stage tho..

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

You can find the pictures here: UP3 Photos (Solo)

The entire event was really put together, from parking to bar service, giveaways and all that. Shoutouts to DJ Jime and his team for starting off the Summer Fetes with a BANG, all your hard work truly showed and it paid off fully.

Rating: 5/5

Feel Free to give the event a rating based on your experience below.

Follow and Stay Tuned for some more cool stuff, real soon!

Till then, Stay Dope!  🏾✌️

– That Kid


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