#TBT: Gino Edition


Its CHOOOOO BACK THURSDAYYYYYYYY (Throwback Thursday for my foreign viewers)


First off, I wanna really thank you guys for keeping up with my blog thus far, Passing 5000 blog views in 39 different countries as far as Russia, India and Sri Lanka is more than a blessing.

So I was given the idea to do Throwback Thursday’s on my blog, featuring past shoots and unreleased pictures maybe every week so basically that’s what this post is gonna be about.

Lettuce begin…

#TBT presents: Gino Bailey!


How I found out about Gino?

Well one day I was going through Instagram, doing my daily like-a-thon, you know the usual and a new follower came in. So I clicked the page and I saw this foreign looking dude, really cool looking who I never seen before in my entireeeee life and apparently was antiguan. I was like…


who is this guy???

It’s a great thing that I saw a mutual friend commenting under photos of him, so I went inquiring and seeing if he’d be up for a shoot. She got all excited and said “GO FOR IT” so that I did, I dm-ed him the concept and all that and he was down for the shoot.

Me:  giphy.gif


So after finalizing a concept, wardrobe and date, we had to decide on the location and he said he had a cool place we could check out, so I was like OH! Awesome.

*Fast Forwards story* 

So the photoshoot date arrived and he got me up and we went off for the shoot. Never meeting each other, we had to go through the preliminaries (just a fancy way of saying introductions). So I went first saying, I’m Chavel known as Chavy and then he opened his mouth and this heavy British accent came out

Me: SpockSurprised.gif

I didn’t expect that at all.

*Fast Forwards story again* 

So after this long drive through country, we drove up this long dirt road, then stopped where a tree was blocking the way. He then turned to me and said this is our stop, we gotta walk the rest of the way.

Me: What-Excuse-me-Say-what-GIF.gif

Obviously being too far to say NEVERMIND and go home, I said ….alright, lead the way bruv. After 10 minutes of sweating,  heavy breathing and cussing by me of course, we arrived at the location which looked super mystic… I took back my words and pulled out my camera so fast and you know, shoot!

Posting these pictures on Instagram at the time, I never expected it to blow up so much. Ladies tagging other ladies under the photos, other Instagram pages reposting the photos, the attention for Gino was crazy!

Anyways, I’ve talked enough so lemme just show you the never before seen pictures, ENJOY!


This is still one of my top Male Shoots to date! Looking forward to shooting him again, after he’s finished from his World Tour Apparently.

Feel free to follow him on instagram ! @shakazulupickney

Follow and Stay Tuned for some more cool stuff, real soon!

Till then, Stay Dope!  🏾✌️

– That Kid


16 thoughts on “#TBT: Gino Edition

  1. Thanks for these great photos!! Love Gino to bits. Always have … Always will. Not only is he a gorgeous, extremely talented young man but a genuinely nice person. Known him since he was a young teenager & his heart has always been pure, he’s had manners & integrity since young. Truly one of life’s rare gems. Big up Gino xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the pictures great photography Gino is a unique soul very humble. He is a fine young man inside and out. Proud to call him my son Gino bailey

    Liked by 1 person

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