KidViews: PURE 2016


Hope everyone had a dope weekend ! Yes? No? K. Anyways, let’s get into this KidView.


So, me personally, I’ve been a fan of the event “Pure” by One World Entertainment  after my experience last year which I enjoyed fully.

For those who don’t know what Pure is, it’s basically an all inclusive, all white day fete where you’d have various entertainment, food, drinks and basically good vibes. I always enjoyed looking forward to the different creative outfits surrounding either the theme or the general all white outfit. So I started planning for this event like a month back, as usual the sketching phase for what I was gonna wear.

Me: giphy

So you’ve seen TrapKidChavy now you’ll meet GoldKidChavy you can see my drawn and digital sketch below.



Yes, I take what I wear very seriously 😒😒😒

My outfit consisted of yet again pretty affordable stuff:

  • Gold Cap – (Which a friend gifted to me)
  • Short Sleeve Button Tee –
  • Long Slim Fit White Jeans – Asos
  • White Shoes with Gold Buckles – Asos
  • Small gold round sunglasses – Amazon
  • Mehron Gold Powder – Amazon
  • Gold Fabric and Buttons – Lolitas (SUPPORT LOCAL!)

Then I got my pants ripped by the talented Ashley Clendenen and gave the shirt sketch to my tailor Marc Anthonio. After that was completed I went ahead to paint the rips of my pants gold as seen below.

After this was done, I was basically ready for pure!

The day finally came

I woke up like:  raw.gif

I won’t get into the trials and tribulations I went through before getting ready, however after it was all sorted out I was ready, ready.

So upon arrival at Jolly Harbour, we were directed by the police to make a right towards the bus shuttle that would transfer us over to the actual venue.

That was a great idea really cause traffic would have been like


So arriving at pure now, we got our bands and walked in like


So we walked in and was like uhhhh…where’s VIP? So I asked someone and the pointed clean to the next part of Antigua.

Me: Q8R5g.gif

After mentally complaining, we walked there.

First things in order was drinks! So we went over to get our drinks and we got them in good time really. DJ Quixx was dj-ing at the time and he was playing some really good throwbacks, I was feeling like

giphy (1).gif

So about the outfits, well the plus is I can surely tell that alot of antiguans support local cause we had alot of twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets etc.

Girls walked in and saw someone in their outfit like:


Was quite hilarious actually, and don’t even talk about the guy in the ALL GREEN OUTFIT walking around like:


My favorite couple outfit was Justine and Evaklean who really stepped out the box, I was really impressed, till the official pictures drop see below.

Bare Dopeness:


So we started getting hungry, so we then decided to see what was there to eat. To my surprise we went over and firstly the food was finished…

Before I tripped out and said something out the way, I had to be like:


This was certainly a let down, bout a hour so when the food arrived everyone was like:


But the crazy part was when folks started ripping back the foil and picking up the utensils and serving themselves WHILE talking over the food.

Me and Kip was like:

giphy (3).gif

Regardless of all that, the entertainment was really, really good. Opened up with Kerwin Du Bois who had a great set, certainly got my mind off the whole food issue. Then we had DJ Outkast who certainly held the audience !  Had a wide variety of music, well mixed and played.

I was like:


Tian Winter then came on with another great set. Not only did he sing his songs but he covered alot of big hits both hiphop and Dancehall which alot of folks didn’t expect, it was really a good look.

By then everyone was like:

 Excessive Sweating Treatment-1.jpg

THEN DJ Jazzy T then came on and everyone was like:


Yall saw the girl climbing the post tho????

Anyways, we then got some more lit chunes from Dj Jime who’s set closed off the event.

All now I’m trying to get my voice back, between shouting lyrics for the songs and screaming YOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Mannn, it was really great vibes.

Besides the whole food incident, I don’t think Pure was a disaster. Did I get $300 worth? Nah. Do I want back $180 cause I only got $120 worth? They can just add it on to next year’s tab tbh. There’s room for alot of improvement and I’m sure they got the message.

My rating for this event is a 3.5/5 

Feel Free to give the event a rating based on your experience below.

Follow and Stay Tuned for some more cool stuff, real soon!

Till then, Stay Dope!  🏾

– That Kid



23 thoughts on “KidViews: PURE 2016

  1. Awesome blog chavel. I totally agree, they totally drop the bar all the way down. I find that Antiguan women lack originality, also once people are spending their money and there happens to be a fall in the bargain, then someone needs to be held accountable. However keep doing your thing Dot Kid, you have a supporter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great recount especially for people who were not there. Sounds like a very objective review and your personality shines through. Pics and gifs were on-point as well. New fan here

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very insightful…. How did that gold powder not mess up your outfit thou… I agree with everything but one the outfit you choose did he look good yes Mr. Evaklean I.e was it going with the theme not really he had on a Greek inspired halo so the jacket is inspired by a Chinese karate ghee* which they may wear with a small tam or nothing on the head..

    since one world is also a part of breakfast fete or at least kolo I do think as good gesture those patrons who kept there bands could present when purchasing tickets for a small d/c

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your insight! I was really careful with the powder and hey maybe that’s one thing you can bring up with the one world commitee


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