Kid-olution: The Switch Up!


ok maybe too many “k’s”


However, It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.I finally got my new camera and equipment and just been super busy with new projects as I’m sure you guys have seen. I’m here now to shed some light on the new stuff you guys have seen.

SO! Lettuce begin!



First we had “Meet: Eva”



Now this beauty, there’s no fantastic story behind me meeting her really. One day I went on Instagram and noticed I had a new follower.

Me opening her profile was like:


I Kid you NOT. I had to wonder if it was a accident follow or something. This was when I was in St Kitts for the Christmas Vacay, so I went DOWNN IN THE DMMMMMMM and you know inquired if she wanted to be the Kid’s canvas for a shoot, you know?

Me waiting for a reply:


Then my phone went off and I opened that so fast and she was all so excited and said she loved my work and all that. I legit stared at the reply for a good 5 minutes tbh.

This was me at this point:


The sad thing was, by the time I was gonna be back in Antigua she would have been already gone. However, she said she was coming in easter, so I waited !

 * Fast Forwards *

So now it’s easter vacation and I get a messsage saying “I’ll be home at this said date”



So I sent her the ideas I had and also told her she would be the first video also I will be doing for this season. The shoot was a BREEZEEEE, we did it at her house and she followed instructions very well. Well you guys saw the mini video & shots but if you didn’t here they are.




Next we had “Meet: Kareem”


So, I didn’t know Kareem till he added me on snapchat tbh and usually I can look at folks and see if they have potential to do something great as i can be VERY Picky.

From day one, watching this guy’s snaps I was like


I was like …..this guy really think hes IT enit.

This was basically him….everyday : 


Anyways, so I had a concept in mind, mainly because the ladies always cussin saying they never got anything geared towards them etc. So I geared a shoot entirely around “Something for the ladies” and I thought he was the perfect person to use.

So I contacted him about it and he was all down for the idea, I let him know exactly what the concept was about and to let him know what may happen after I release the visuals.

Which was Basically this: 


He still agreed, so I was like great! Ironically it was around his birthday when I wanted to do the shoot and he would have been at the verandah, so I pulled some strings and we did the shoot up there.

The struggle was real as I went to a few of my whatsapp contacts asking “What can a guy eat that would make you feel a type a way”

I got answers such as peach, ice cream, pineapple and one I wont disclose on here *Sides eye sequoyah*  I heard all the answers but I still wanted something more impactful, suddenly a light bulb went off in my head and well…..

What I saw in my head was like:


Mango it was! #Supportlocallll

Oh yeah! Did I say Jamal and Latoya #Couplegoals tagged along for the shoot? Well yeah they did ! Had loads of fun. When we arrived I outlined the different scenes that I was going to be taking etc and we went ahead with the shoot.

After all the scenes was completed we then had….


……………………………….The Mango Scene *cue dramatic music*

Too our surprised apparently, the mango we got wasn’t sweet at all but I told him to fake it as much as possible and to dig into it like……..OKAY.

6600+ Views on facebook 1400+ and counting on facebook the video and photoshoot was a success! Up to this day I’m still being approached about it and all of a sudden alot of girls now want to be a Mango when they grow up.


Mission Accomplished.



Now we have KidKlip #1 “Don’t let it get to your head”

Since I got my new camera/ equipment I hadn’t done any new self portraits and I had a message in my head I wanted to portray based on things that I’ve seen happened to folks I once knew.


I wanted to portray what would happen if you allowed “fame” or “power” to get in your head and change you. I thought about it for a while and I got the concept down packed. I wanted the video to be very raw, wanted everyone to get inside my head for a bit.

The video would start off very easy and calm, representing the innocence before fame or in my case being well known, it would suddenly take a twist when I start feeling myself and forgetting who I am or where I came from. Being fed with compliments and all these nice words would make me feel like I’m a god and I’d become this completely different person. First I’ll be tripping about it but then I’ll learn to love it and slowly embrace it and become almost unrecognizable.

I constantly say, everything I do has a backstory, only if you ask me I’d tell you. Otherwise, I’ll leave it up to you to come up with your own meaning behind the images or videos I release.




{Oh btw , I’ll be unavailable for shoots till Mid July due to the fact I’m travelling)

Follow and Stay Tuned for some more cool stuff, real soon!

Till then, Stay Dope!  🏾

– That Kid



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