Kidviews: Blue Jeans 2016




Wassup Folks! Been a while and all that!

A lot happened between my last blog post and this one. Oh btw, NEW LOOK ALERT! I got locs! Shoutout to Jade’ one of the baddest stylists I know personally. Also, I went on a mini vacay to my second home St Kitts, where I had a blast at but I’ll talk about that in another post.



So, after my experience of Blue Jeans last year,this year was a MUST for  me so I started prepping for this early, early.

So lets see, So far you’ve seen TrapKidChavy & GoldKidChavy so what next right?

Well for this event, I wanted to channel the word “kid” in the alias I normally go by while adding my “mature” self in it.

See the sketch below.



This outfit consisted of just a few items as I wanted it to be very simple:

  • Denim Overalls –
  • Black tee shirt – Stephen B Shouls (LOCALLLLLL)
  • High top black shoes – Some store in town(LOCALLLLLLLLLLLLL)
  • Small round glasses with no lens (I just knocked out the lens out of my old sunglasses)
  • Patterned headband

Due to my short trip to St Kitts, I only had one day to customize and get everything done. I made a few changes as I had some more time to think about my outfit.I decided to make the overalls into a short pants, scrap the chains and also just wear the black tee shirt as is.

THE PLOT TWIST WAS… So the overalls I wanted on Asos was only available in one size and basically it was made to fit a 6’1 Person…so by now everyone should know I’m not the tallest individual.

If I didn’t get it taken in, this legit would have been me:


So, since I didn’t wanna look like a clown, I visited one of my faithful tailors. On Friday afternoon I arrived and I was like “sooooo yeah I want this, this and this done and I need it by tomorrow morning”. So my tailor was like “okay no prob” because I guess he thought it was minor stuff….till I took out the 6’1 fit overralls out my bag

My tailor was like:


Then he went to the side and looked outside the window like this:


Meanwhile, I’m here standing there like..:


“….so yeah, can you do it?”

After about another 15 minutes of contemplating, he took the overalls and told me come back tomorrow. I picked it up the following day and ripped it to my liking the evening and I was ready for Blue Jeans!!

Oh here’s my outfit by the way!

-skips forward-

It’s now the night of Blue Jeans and everything is going as planned, Mansss super excited.

So my ride comes for me and we go and pick up Lehana then went on our way to blue jeans. We arrive in hodges bay and low and behold the traffic was CRAZYYY.



OKAY, maybe I’m exaggerating but it was close okay?? -_-

Anyways, so while stuck in traffic, moving at snail speed we started to see alot of people parking far and walking the rest of the way.


By the looks of the outfit of those walking, you’d swear we was going some cocktail dinner. Who didn’t have on heels, had on fitted dresses walking like..



uF9MjJo3QIaijySXC4iL_Confused Christian Bale.gif

Then my ride was like “yall wanna walk from here?”


giphy (1).gif

Then he says “I’m sure if you guys walk you reach quicker than….”



So after about 10 minutes of traffic, we arrived at the destination and the ticket LINEEEEEEEE was super long, jeez. I wasn’t in the mood to walk all the way to the back of the line sooooooo

Lehana and I walked up to the middle of the line like..


Folks started to watch us like:

giphy (2)

I turned around and watched them like:


So after we got in we were greeted with some tasty smoothie in a cup, that was bomb by the way. The bar service was really easy to get through and it didn’t take long for us to get served.

The venue was super packed, Lehana had to hold my hand while walking or she’d surely get lost. I got there in time to hear Claudette Peters, DJ Miks, Private Ryan and DJ Jime perform.

My stand outs was Private Ryan who did a really diverse set and also of course DJ Jime who closed off the event with another great set.

Legit this was everyone tbh


BUT WAIT! YOOOO, did yall see Tarzan at blue jeans tho??????


It was truly a great night/morning, getting home when the sun’s up and chilling with great friends and lit music? I couldn’t ask for a better experience.

My rating for this event is a 5/5 

Oh and my outfit? Well you can check it out below





17 thoughts on “Kidviews: Blue Jeans 2016

  1. Blue Jeans was legit! I stand by my word, ‘its the best pre Cval fete this weekend confirmed that again! I always wear heels to blue jeans (wedge- I am most conformable in heels) but on a casual level…with that being said, if you do wear heels at least be sure you’re in VIP as it cater for this more.!

    I enjoy your posts btw.

    Liked by 1 person

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