KidViews: Breakfast Fete 2016


tumblr_m5884b81Cc1qgpa4h.gifEYE IN DI MIDDLEEEEE

*parties in african*

Wazzup guys?! Been a while eh?

The whole Carnival festivities hit me back to back to back! I didn’t even have much time to relax but I got a few more reviews coming up man, Nah worry! Okay, so enough of the long talking and ting! Lets get to this review.


…cause me deya slip n slide like if me name professional snowboarder -_-


So this was my first experience going to breakfast fete after hearing about it so much, I decided this was a MUST. I was blessed enough to be given a comp ticket to attend and you know, pree the vibes and such.

So of course you guys know by now, first I had to ask myself the question, “Wah people wear fa go dem tings?!” Knowing the it was called “Breakfast Fete”

Y’all legit was about to see me turn up in the line like:


I. kid. you. NOT.

But true say I enjoy my social life, I decided to research a lil and found out it was something like pure but a little less. So I put together a simple all black outfit.

It consisted of:

  • Black Short Sleeve Tee – Stephen B Shouls
  • Painted symbol on the tee by Ashley of Denim Lot Antigua
  • Long Black Jeans
  • Imitation Converse – Some chinese store in town
  • Wide Brim Hat – Gifted by a friend
  • Gold and Black Shades –

Below is the painted tee by Denim Lot Antigua


 It was Saturday night after T-shirt mas and my outfit was set and later down I got the call to pick up my ticket.

I was super lit I rolled up to the house like “Insideeee” :


I recieved the envelope almost opening it to see if the “ticket” was inside.

Yall would have seen me looking into the fete from the outside like:


Luckily Cocher saved me from opening it, Thank God lmao.

So we’re there talking about how lit tomorrow’s gonna be etc etc and next thing I know  the Lord himself decided to randomly take a shower same time cause it just started pouring water from the sky and

I was like: 


But then I kept the faith and was like “…yeah maybe it’s just tonight man, tomorrow morning gonna be fine”….or so I thought.

So I went to sleep and woke up the next morning early and bright and I guess the Lord forgot to shampoo his hair cause it was still just pouring like crazyyy.

After looking outside I was like:


But rain or shine, I was determined to reach to Breakfast fete so I proceeded to get ready for the event and wait for Cocher to get me.


After a few minutes she arrived and we drove to the Splash Antigua.

To my surprise, I looked out the window and saw folks walking in clothes you’d wear to go pick up stuff in town.

I was like waitttt….

uF9MjJo3QIaijySXC4iL_Confused Christian Bale

Anyways, we then went looking for parking and the whole time I’m just in the vehicle looking at the mud and my shoes like:

giphy (1).gif

Nobody even see ma outfit yet and I must walk in like I just journey a thousand miles through the wilderness looking for ma lost dog?


After about 5 minutes of complaining, we made our way inside to the line which was as per usual was long and y’all know by now that I don’t have the patience to go to the back, so guess what?

I stood at the side waving to folks like:

5x8xefLwQaWQND3oZPvw_Simpsons Stare.gif

Until we found someone that would let us infront the line, this took like about a minute.



After getting in our first mission was to get breakfast cause we wasn’t about to go get drinks without eating first. HOWEVER, we didnt realize we’d have to walk a thousand miles through the wet version of the Sahara desert just to get likkle food.

Tryna walk and not mess up your clothes like:


Once we got over to the breakfast station, there was food like:

  • Bush Tea
  • Boiled eggs
  • Fresh Green Veg
  • Bread
  • Saltfish
  • Red herring
  • and the best banana fritters I ever tasted in my life, lordddd.

If its one thing, nobody could complain about food at all cause the food was endless and there was a different type of food at every booth.

After we got our breakfast, we then ventured to get our drinks. I was extremely pleased with the variety of drinks offered. What I was especially happy about was that they had a Mojito Bar aka I was about to be lit. That was my bar for the entire day.


However, when we thought things couldn’t have gotten worse, rain started pouring again and this time, wind came along with it, leaving the ground VERY mucky.

While the rain’s falling and everyone is sheltering there’s this one guy just in the rain with no worries whatsoever.

He was just out there like:


After the rain subsided, the ground was so mucky that after awhile I think most people realized that it’s not gonna get better and that’s when things started to get hilarious.

So imagine I’m now walking with Racquel and I look across next to me to see a girl walking BAREFOOTED and stomping heavily as if she pounding grapes during slavery days like…

I’m there like:


We kindly just went the other way by the main tent to see what performances was happening at the time cause anyhow she mess up ma black frock..

Lol, So when we arrived there was Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon performing from Trinidad, she was really entertaining and kept the audience’s attention. It seemed like she was on a mission to find out if Antiguans had waistline because apparently she name wining queen. So she’d call up random guys and play a song and tell them to basically wuk up.

If you impressed her she’d say “Go to the white van and wait for meh” and if you didn’t you’d get either a “Thanks but no thanks” or a “Tell them send you down to my classes tuesday and thursdays” or was it Monday and Wednesdays.. uh…lemme get back to you with this lol. Basically, she was LIT.

After she was finished, the stench of kfc caught my nostrils and I was like:


I didn’t waste any time, I grabbed racquel and gabby and just followed the smell tbh. Around this time, Mud wasn’t even a issue anymore, we just walked normal it done bad already.

Meanwhile, the “hot” girls them still tryna step light like:

7mj44M (1).gif

and I’m just there like:


We then arrived at the KFC Section which was super long and again, badman nah do lines inna life. It so happened that I saw someone in front that I knew and told them “Aye, I in front of you okay?”

There was this one girl that was behind of the person I asked like:




Anyways, we got our food, ate and went back to the main tent when Ricardo Drue was performing who got the crowd hyped up with his old and new songs especially ID (Stamp Ya Name) and also Skinny Fabulous who as per usual ‘behaved the worst” then Tian Winter with his tracks and especially his now road march 2016 song “In DI Middle” but had to cut his performance short due to tiredness, which is understandable.

THENNNN we had my favorite act of the day Claudette Peters, something about her energy was just YES. She and her energetic dancers had the entire crowd’s attention, so much that we went right up in front the stage. She performed her hit songs along with covering other artist’s songs to perfection.

By the time she was finished we was like:

Excessive Sweating Treatment-1.jpg

Burning flames then closed off the day and that was a wrap for Breakfast Fete 2016.

I had a lot of fun! Minus the mud of course (which I haven’t cleaned yet) Next year is a certain must for me.

My rating for this event would be a 4.8/5

(Only cause I had to walk far for food lmao #salty)

Follow and Stay Tuned for some more cool stuff, real soon!

Till then, Stay Dope!

– That Kid


12 thoughts on “KidViews: Breakfast Fete 2016

  1. True Story.,, with no Lions, this was the highlight of my trip to Antigua Carnival this time around… Definitely coming back for breakfast fete.


  2. I’m a journalist and do reviews from time to time.

    I must say this is the BEST review I’ve ever read. You had me interested from your fist paragraph. Great great great. Looking forward to more

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Truly enjoyed your article…. I missed carnival this year and most importantly breakfast fete but your summary definitely made up for it…. It was very interesting, informative and entertaining at the same time….. will definitely read the others…. Two thumps up

    Liked by 1 person

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