The Misadventures of Chavy Pt. 1

Aye guys!!!


So I’m tryna make my blog more active outside of the whole reviewing thing I usually do, so I posted a little poll this morning to figure out what would be my next blog post.

The choices were:

A) One of my many embarrassing moments

B) My music playlist for this week.

Can you guess which one most folks picked?


Yeah, Yeah of course most folks are gonna pick to know one of my many embarrassing moments in life.

P.s -I ain’t really like yall that much

ANYWAYS, I guess this could be a thing where I tell yall some funny, odd, interesting stories of my life.


Part 1. “Prank gone Wrong”

I was in school one day, think it was probably ’09 I was in 4th form at the time. It was I.T Class and we were in the computer lab. It was a good few of us but I was at the time hanging with my main squeeze Kiplee.

Pause for a cause, lemme tell you a little about Kip.

This is Kip.


Now most folks would know by now but in case you don’t, this is my one of my DAY 1 from the A1.

We’ve been friends for about 16 Years now.


(Don’t wonder about any high school pictures, me nah post dem. Just thinking about them ….)


We even got tattoos together 


We’ve had PLENTY arguments and she so call says she gets plenty annoyance from me



But! The friendship reaaaalll TRANG (strong)!

Okay, back to the story now. So we were in I.T class as I said and nothing was really happening classwise soooo I came up with a small prank to kiss her unexpectedly, friend ting ya know? So the guys that was with us, I asked them to hold her down when I said to and lemme freak her out a bit.

So I went back by her and I sat down next to her like:


and the guys held her down and I just laid one on her , then I got up like:


But she got up and was like:


And everyone looked around like: (1).gif

I just sat there like:


It was then I realized that I had ruined my entire life.

Kiplee, dashed out the lab screaming, not no little screaming nuh. BIG SCREAMING.

I. didnt. even. know. she. could. run. so. fast.

I followed to console her and tell her it was a joke as she ran back to the main classroom. As soon as she entered she went, ALLISON YOU DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED.

Allison: *without hesitation* CHAVEL KISS YOU?!

Her: YES 

Me: tumblr_ncsew7oApW1qk08n1o1_500.gif

I just stood there, I didn’t even know what to say at that point.

We had spanish class after and usually Kip and I would chat during it. However, because of the incident Kiplee legit stopped talking to me for like over a week.

Imagine having cheese but no hot bread.


That’s how I felt, it took alot of hegging and sorry’s and bribing her with food for her to start talking to me again.

Now ever so often she’d bring it up and embarrass me every time we start reminiscing about school. Way to go Chavy 😔😒


Universe 1 – Chavy 0

P.s – Way worse has happened since then but she safe man. Love you Kip.

She go cuss nf.

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