Afropunk? Meet Antigua.


This is a much needed blog post.

They’re 3 things in life you don’t mess with:

3. Don’t mess with the Zohan!

2. Solange.




I’ll explain why in a sec, keep reading.

So for folks that don’t know, I was currently  blessed enough to be featured  in AFROPUNK.

(Click the photo to see the feature)


For those who are not familiar with AFROPUNK it has been a cultural movement celebrating the creativity and freedom of spirit in alternative Black culture.


Now I was aware of the feature happening but I didn’t realize it would have been so soon!

This was me when I opened facebook:


The AMOUNT of love I received was so overwhelming, I honestly was so happy and grateful for everything

BUT where there is love,

there is what we call…



If is one disease you aint wanna catch, it’s badmind.

What is badmind?

According to the urban dictionary and I quote..


Badmind is a kind of jealous.I mean someone who criticizes another, that is to say a gossip folk!!

“You too badmind!”

There was a comment made that said “Not a fan…at all!!!!!”




Now I would really like to know who had hurt this young lady, I’m just trying to be inspirational and show my art in these streets.

HOWEVER, before I could even refresh my page, here came Antigua to fight for the kid like:


I was like WOAHHHHHHH, my heart was legit super warmed.

I legit thought that was it until I saw more Antiguans AND Kittians rolling up like:

Meanwhile, I’m here reading these comments like:


I for one was very very elated! Since I’ve been putting out my art, the positivity I’ve been getting from my locals has triumphed over the negative and for that I THANK YOU!

If it’s one thing people know by now is that Antiguans ARE NOT one to mess with.

We may be 108 sq miles and we may have our differences but once it comes to defending our island, I can personally say we will FIGHT to the end.

Look what happened when they revealed this year’s Independence theme..

LOL, that’s a next story!

But, furreal tho, I just wanna say from the bottom of my heart, for your love and support thus far, THANK YOU! 

I not only wish to represent myself but represent our beautiful island of ANTIGUA.

When I win, We Win.


Animated Flag of Antigua and Barbuda (1).gif

  • –  That kid


10 thoughts on “Afropunk? Meet Antigua.

  1. Very happy for all the accomplishments you’ve made thus far! I commend you but I think that as people we can only grow if we learn to
    Accept criticism. The young lady may not have been a fan but she’s entitled not to be one. Everyone will not like what you do but that doesn’t mean you don’t shine. It was nice of your friends to come to your defence how ever they should do so with tact. Why respond and bully someone who doesn’t even know you ? It’s that kind of behaviour that doesn’t allow us to grow. Continue to shine but be sure to take in good and bad critique because that’s the world we live in. You must remember if you want to survive the real world you must be able to take both negative and positive feedback with a smile and positive vibes. Even if they spew hate, you spew love and gratitude for their unwanted opinions it will only make you better

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