Silence, Screams: The Soundtrack

Hey guys!

This blog post is especially dedicated to the music played in our newly released short film “Silence, Screams.”  which you can see below.


I’ll post another blog post with more inside details on the film but for now, below are the songs in each scene from our short film Silence, Screams to add to your playlist.


  • Opening Credits: Mary’s little world


  • Scene – “Arriving to Sienna’s House”: Aero Chord – Surface



  • Scene – “Unpack di tings”: Rihanna – Work


  • Scene – “Jason’s Surprise”: Bryson Tiller – Don’t


  • Scene – “Time fi get ready”: Drake x Future – Digital Dash


  • Scene – “You on the Guest list?”: Fat Joe x Remy Ma – All The Way Up


  • Scene – “Sienna’s or Delilah?”: Tory Lanez – LUV


  • Scene – “Knuckle a fa everybody”: Kehlani – Gangsta


  • Scene – “Wey Sienna dey?”: Young Ma – OOOUUU


  • Scene – “Big Fat Liar”: Future – Wicked


  • Scene – “RIP Jason”: Rihanna – Needed Me


  • Scene – “Hayley’s Jealousy”: Beyonce – Sorry


  • Scene – “Leo da Snitch”: Skepta x BBK – Detox


  • Scene – “The Final Pee”: Tyga x Nicki Minaj x Lil Wayne – Senile


  • Scene – “Gulp, Gulp Bih”: Keke Palmer – I Don’t Belong to you


  • Scene: “The Final Thrust”: Kehlani – First Position


  • Scene: “Thirst Kills”: Rihanna – Kiss it Better


  • Scene: “It’s a Bro Thing”: Alma’s Music Box – F.E.A.R. 2 (Creepypasta Piano)


  • Closing Credits: Kehlani – Gangsta Instrumental



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