#TBT KidViews: DJ Jime DDF 2016


YOW! It’s Thursday, so you know what this means?



Today’s throwback is brought to us by the memories from

DJ Jime’s Dadli Day Fete


So first off, for folks that don’t know what DDF is,

Dadli day Fete is a day event held around our Independence initially held on Dboat in 2015. This year, it was held at Sugar Ridge on SUNDAY OCTOBER 30TH from 2-10pm sharrrrrrp!

Dresscode: Swimwear is Encouraged, but not mandatory.

Now you know what it is, lettuce begin. (You should really complete your life and click lettuce tbh)

Now since last year I been preeing this event. It was a great experience last year and I knew it was about to be more lit this year.

Now when the location for this year’s #DDF came out, I was like:


Sugar Ridge??

How you get there???

How is this possible????

Which minister a ya cousin??????

I was just super confused but also super excited. This is something that had never been done and hey! I wanted to be apart of this experience. So we ended up doing a small little #DDF Visual called “POOL BUMS.”

The next thing on the Agenda was to figure out what I was going to wear for this said event. I ran across a few ideas and came up with a kinda cool Mainstream Adam.

I’m known for wearing a lot of Black so decided to switch it up a bit and go with a different color.

Outfit consisted of:

  • Sleeveless Button Up Shirt – Asos.com
  • Shoes – Some place in town #LOCALL
  • Short Black Pants- Asos.com
  • Shades (I didn’t even bother wearing this)
  • Shea Butter (For da goodup skin) – Beautyrama
  • Leaf made Wreath- Some chinese place in town #LOCALLLL
  • Accessories – Ma Friends n dem.

So after this was sorted and Anya’s outfit was sorted (Who I was going with) we was ready fa da roaddddd.

Due to a long day we ended up arriving late but I still walked in like a boss like:


Ya know how the ting go!

So my first observation was the decor which I found was really thought of and well put together.

14650315_10154496692305042_3604277960930459825_n.jpgPicture Credits: Solo Photography

I’m not sure of who dj was playing at anytime, it was super packed and I was just enjoying the music all together.

Heard some slow dancehall and was like:


Then when I was walking along and heard the trap/hiphop music I was like:

giphy (1).gif


The music was LITTTTT!

Seeing I came late, I just wanted to intake the vibes and see what was going on. I went up the steps and while walking around the pool the next thing I know, this random girl was tryna hard wuk on me and nearly throw me into the pool.

She came in towards me like:


I held onto this random stone I saw like:


and looked at her like:

giphy (2).gif

The girl legit nearly had me swimming with my entire frock on.

Anyways, so I arrived to the to top and was able to look across and see everyone and I had one thought in my head at that point.


giphy (3).gif


Listen, I have never seen half of these women in my entire life. DDF had me there tryna add up where all these folks coming from like:


A nah lie eh, The women really came out and did their thing this year.

I mean, some missed the mark but Hey! that’s okay.


But other than that, I mean the ladies really came out to impress.

Saw couple guys chilling at the sidelines looking on at the women  like:


I would post my favorites but I feel like it’s gonna end up bad so Imma just leave it and just give a general round of applause to everyone. Okay? Ok. Moving on.

So a little later in the night, I saw something that got me so perplexed.

Alright, so there was these girls in the pool and JAH KNOW what was happening in that pool but it was NOT synchronized dancing.

I  think I was with Janelle at this point and we was like:


I can’t even put exactly what I saw here cause my blog pretty much E rated tbh.

Then shortly after that they started behaving really ratchet and guys started throwing money in the pool like:


Now me now, knowing  I’m gonna need a nice Shawarma after this fete, sees this happening and I’m like:


We called one of the girls in the water like:



She passed the money and we started counting like:


I got what I needed tbh.

Anyways! So the music is still lit at DDF, everyone dancing having fun and all that. The vibes min SET GOOD, I didn’t see anyone playing stush and standing up at the side which was great for me.

I started to get a bit dizzy cause you know…


So I went and take a seat on this nearby rock, closed my eye for a sec and saw this shadow pass over me and I opened my eyes and realized it was Sequoyah who then proceeded to give me a wuk up of a lifetime.



I honestly can’t say I didn’t enjoy my night tbh.

Everything was lit, even tho I came late and also!

I got one of the “Cool Kids” Official DDF Limited Edition Cup.


Folks started to ask me where I got it from and I was like:

scientists not understanding.gif

I must say, I personally think Sugar Ridge should be reserved for DDF next year for sure! It was such a innovative idea.

Next time, I’ll def make sure I arrive early.

Now guys, don’t try and use there and desecrate the location, the blueprint done mek.


14882246_10154499369375042_67599464586435816_o14990946_10154513777055042_6803455547932846534_oPicture Credits : That Guy Images/Two6Eight Promotions

My rating for this event is a 5/5!

I’m now looking forward to the next DJ Jime Event and Y’all should too!

#Up4 | April 30th 2017

Till next time everyone,

– That Kid





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