Catch Flights, NOT Feelings


Guess who’s back?!


Wassup guys?! Been a minute since I’ve been on here! Honestly I have missed it so much yo but I’ve been SOOOOO busy butttt!!

tenor (1).gif


So ! In January when I got back from my personal vacation in the lovely island of St Kitts, Myself along with ma two ride or dies, Cocher (@cojo____) and Anya (@anniemcfierce)


(Photography by Me Of course )

…came up with a plan during mid January to take a mini PlayCation that would start from Barbados then end in Trinidad during the month of February. Now, my birthday being on the 16th of Feb and knowing that carnival was happening at the same time it sounded like a GREAT Plan.

So then we went off to start the prep for what we called the “CATCH FLIGHTS, NOT FEELINGS” Trip from February 10th – 21st.

First off….travelling is NOT cheap. When we started going over the plans for the trip and how much it would cost overall,

I was like..


We start calculating

  • How many shoots I gotta do to get to this budget
  • How much hoeing we each gotta do, to prolly arrive at the quota
  • Locations of Sugar Daddies/Mommies in Antigua and Barbuda

At that point all of us was like:


But ! 




So YES, we got our lives together, worked hard,

ate less …

Me every night being hungry:


BUT! we got it done!



The day arrived and we was ready to leave! The plan was that Anya and I would end up leaving and Cocher meeting us in barbados because she had to work and such.

Anya and I

For once, LIAT was actually ON TIME..

We looked up at the flight information board like: 


The flight to BIM was really smooth tbh and we got there on time, got our bags and was out of the airport in quick time.

Now it was time to get to where we was staying so clearly we had to take a taxi. The lord blessed us with someone in under 2 minutes.

On our way to our hotel our taxi driver started to tell us how “cool and hip” he was and how we need a taxi driver who’s young and can relate to us.

Meanwhile this guy looking like a father of 2 who still think roll up the bottom of his pants is a thing.

The hilarious thing was when he turned up the radio, meanwhile some RAW Alkaline dancehall music was playing, my boss turned up the volume and this was him in the front seat.


I looked back at Anya like:


I was so confusedddddddd lmao.

Anyways, after that traumatizing experience, before actually going to the hotel we went to Oistins Fish Fry.

Where we had Dolphin for the first time, which was soooooo good!!! Had me licking out the plate and suh. (No, I’m not greedy) -_-

The next thing on the Agenda was to get ready to go to “Fridaze” which  is THE lime on Friday nights in Barbados.

Walking in to Fridaze, We was like…what we just walked into. It was truly an experience,  the music was LIT from point of entry till the end of the event and  everyone was just so free and dancing and NOT STUSH at allll.

A highlight for us was this ONE girl who was just going offff on the dancefloor, yo….

Royal G yall…


I was watching like:

tenor (3).gif

Like, she was just BADDDDDD af, I HAD to pay her my compliments yo. She then asked for my instagram account after a while and yo… when I saw the follow and I checked the profile, I noticed that she was pretty famous on instagram.

Me at that point:


We dubbed her “BIM BAE” .

Yall should legit check her out on instagram @royal.g .

We also met another BOMB girl known as @kk_caution, yo, it was a realllll lit night.

Anya, Kaela, Me and Gail.

After that we was was realll hungry and who knew gas station food would be soo good? Damn, that held us up real good at 4am in the morning.

So it’s now Saturday and we hear a knock on our room door, opened it to see Cocher, who had finally arrived in Barbados. So now the WHOLE crew was here, at that point we knew it was gonna be perfect.

That afternoon we went met up with my bajan bae Dannyele, who carried us to the Colony Club where she was gonna be in a mini fashion show. We had some great food and some great views also.

After that, we was feeling a bit hungry so we decided it was time to go to the famous Chefette.







200 (1).gif

I can’t even talk about this anymore cause I’m currently writing and hungry jack.

SO! Next up! Was UWI Spice Jouvert.

Shoutouts to ma Boi Dennis for the hook up on the tickets!

IMG_4008.JPG Hats by The Island Press Antigua 

If it’s one thing about Barbados, people there KNOW how to party and the music ALWAYS lit.

From the time we got in, we was already like:


We met up with some other Antiguans who was at the event like Bianca, Zachary, Melo, Rosalie and a bunch a other folks. Everyone was just friendly, drunk and full of paint lol.


I even met me as a white person.


During the night we all reached up on the stage just jamming out and having fun.

Cocher being..Cocher2017-03-20-GIF-00000005.gif

Till next thing we know…. the stage starts cracking…

Folks Dancing drunk and then starting to fall like:

giphy (1).gif

By the end of the night we were all just painted up and just having so much fun. It was such a dope event, that we would DEF go back to.


So now, it’s about 5:30 am and we’re just tryna get home so our taxi comes for us and by the time we sat down in the vehicle.

All of us was like:


So while driving now, I happen to feel the car stop moving so I opened my eyes.

Now this was the scenario, it was me in the front passenger seat and Cocher and Anya in the backseat sleeping. Now you understand lettuce continue…

So after I felt the vehicle stopped, I noticed we were at a gas station and something just told me to look to my right..

where I saw the taxi driver just staring intensely at Cocher and Anya sleeping in the back like:

giphy (2).gif


I got up and looked at him like:


He then hopped out the vehicle with QUICKNESS to go do whatever he had to do at the gas station.

Clearly he realized I was NOT with the shits.

After we got back to the hotel, FINALLY. We all made a pact that…yeah, that taxi driver nah pass back for us, WE GOOD FAM.

He messaged the next morning, “Hey my friends, how are you guys doing”


giphy (3).gif

*deletes message*

*places phone down*

Anyways, Next up was Waiki Sundays, this was our last BIM turn up so we made it our best.


I walked in with them to the event like:

giphy (4).gif

I must say I have a new appreciation for Bashment Soca, especially after hearing it for the entire trip there.

But bruh…Why Bajans so brutal when wukking up? We were just by our section dancing when we heard like a heavy thump on the floor, looked across and saw this:



then this:


We was watching like:


Naw, but I see plenty baby showers in barbados future, tbfh.

Then this was this one guy, who every time he danced, it looked like he was doing physics to get the perfect wuk up:


(also please try help me understand what’s happening in the background also)

The entire night was just bare vibes tbh, all the way to the end.

Even met up with BIM Bae from Fridaze!


So now it’s time to go home and our new bajan friend, who was the ride home, who we thought was driving, ended up paying for a taxi to get us home.

Okay cool fine, so we arrive at the hotel and next thing we know… Pardna jumps out the vehicle when we jump out.

I looked at Cocher like:

tenor (4).gif

So then I was like naw, maybe it’s a case where he wanna hug the girls or some…

Next thing,  Pardna hits the taxi door to tell him go ahead…

So we asked him if he lived close by or something and how he was getting home etc…

Pardna said he don’t know.



Myself and Cocher starting Singing “Tek man fa fool, tek man fa eediat” cause…. BRUH.

He legit walked behind us into the house and was sitting as if there was some payment I didn’t know about.

All of us was just like…


Just tryna understand what’s happening right now, cause nah, nah, nah.

After a while he left, we did meet up with him couple nights after and everything was cool but yo lmao.

(This is getting to be a very long blog post)

Anyways! For the rest of the trip, we basically visited the mall and such. OH! and we almost died -_-.

So idk yo, the bus system in barbados is a different story.

For one, when you arrive at the bus terminal everyone is legit shouting at you trying to get you in THEIR bus to see which can be filled first…

To make matters worse, let’s say a bus can only hold 20 people, they fit like 50.

Man a siddung pan dem headtop and so fa fit in da bus. Jeez.

One situation we was in was that we were in a bus driving and another bus tried to overtake us but the bus man wasn’t having it and the mirror rubbed on the bus.

The bus man from the other bus came out the bus and attacked our driver…

We were in the bus like:


Naw like I appreciate Antigua drivers so much after that lmao.

The next thing up was TRINIDADDDDDDDDDD.

We formulated this plan to let everyone think we was sad because we were leaving BIM and think we was coming back home.

…but the gag was we were actually just going to part 2 of our trip.



So we’re now at the airport, which DELAYED

One word: LIAT.

Okay cool fine, everything for a better purpose right?

So we finally on the flight now, everything’s going great..


I’m on the plane like:


I’m looking around like yall not feeling this..

giphy (5).gif

Everyone’s just so calm and relaxed like:


and I’m here calling every sin by its name and asking for forgiveness for each one holding on like:


I was so relieved when the plane landed cause nahhhh, not about to be on ABS as no victim..

giphy (7).gif

Getting through the airport was a breeze, especially once I changed my money to their currency I felt like:

giphy (8).gif

But in reality, once I saw that like one thing is about 200 TT and a fete is like 600 TT, I felt like:


After crying internally, we arrived at our hotel in Trinidad, which was VERY CAUCASIAN.

Walked in our room like:


It was just so nice yo.

The next day was when was everything got turnt.. Why u asked?


I woke up to This


and THIS


So that day, I already decided that I was gonna be hella extra so I did just that.

First off I had a King’s Breakfast


Then we got Room Service and bought a bottle also

Then it was off to the Pool to be Lavish and Caucasian and all a that.




Then in the night, “Bae” Carried myself and my friends to this sushi restaurant and then for drinks after, was truly a memory I’ll NEVER forget.

Can’t say anything else.. lmao

Other Highlights in Trinidad was meeting up with Rich and having Lunch at the Gspot Food Truck, which is lit btw. (No pun intended)


and being cussed out by this guy at the beach cause we didn’t tip him after he sang for us


Oh btw! If you ever go to trinidad, make sure you hit up Twenty2 Sports Bar, their customer service on point and the drinks >>>>>>

So, the next day was MACHEL MONDAYYYY!!!

Sadly Cocher had to leave because you know…work and responsibilities.

Can’t relate lmao.

However I did get to harass her a couple more times until she left:


Machel Monday was E P I C.

Best Show I’ve ever been to in my entire life, if I even start to go into details…Idk when I’d end.

The Visuals, The Artists, The Vibe, MACHEL. Its truly something I would want to experience again.

I ended up extending my trip and such while Anya left the morning after Machel Monday but I’m not gonna get into that lmao.

We’re actually in the process of planning Part 3-5 of the “Catch Flights NOT Feelings” Trip. Send Applications if ya interested in turning up with the crew haha !

I promise to write a bit more this year, after all we got fetes coming up so you know…KIDVIEW/REVIEWSSSSSS.

Next thing you’ll see from me is the “Soothe” Review probably dropping Thursday then I got some exciting news to share.

Till then!

Stay Dope!

– Dot Kid


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