#TBT KidViews: Soothe 2017


So It’s official Party Season for me.



Okay so, since I’ve been back from my mini vacation, which you can read here by clicking “vacation”

The first event I attended was the Poetry event Soothe.


Now this would be my 2nd time consecutively attending this event and anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about Poetry Based Events.

SO no long talking,  let’s get into it!


For those who don’t know what Soothe is

SOOTHE is a neo-soul event that seeks to bring not only sophisticated but forward-thinking individuals to a space that supports freedom of expression through the arts of music and spoken word.

Created by Gemma Hazelwood

Yeah this cool guy below:


Now since I attended last year, I’ve been patiently awaiting for this year’s own so when the flyer and information dropped.

I was like:


Although I had no idea what I was wearing, I knew it was clearly gonna be something Black cause..Black is life.

My options were:

  • Black
  • Light Black
  • Wash out linty Black
  • Black Black
  • Or black on black on black.

Ended up wearing the last option “black on black on black”

  • Black Jacket
  • Black Round Neck Tee
  • Black Short Jeans
  • Black Feather Necklace I stole during the evening, lmao.

I don’t have any elaborate sketch this time, however I got this one photo I took with Tiffany so guess that could work.


I ended up going to the event by myself because my date got sick.

I also was a little late, especially as I had a 7 hour shoot earlier, so I was rushing alot.

Walking into the event, it was such a cooooool vibe filled with Purple and Blue lights, calm music and warm smiles.


Photo Credits: Pixel Perfect Studio

As soon as you walked into the main area that for the event, you were greeted by some Dynamic Paintings by one of my favorite Local Artists and Friend Emile Hill.


Looks Familiar? 

After taking in all this creativity, my first agenda  was to find out where the wine bar was ASAP.

I walked in asking/looking for the wine bar like:


After a while and I finally found it! I then met up with Shari, Rozanne and Nneka which I enjoyed majority of the event with.

But..Seeing we were at the back, I had a few concerns..

One being, you weren’t able to hear the poets because of lack of speakers.

So that was a bit of a difficulty.

Cause..we was like:


I guess it being a first at that location (Barnacle Point) it was probably overlooked or maybe not thought of. Hopefully next year if the location stays the same, that could be rectified.

On a better note! The night was FILLED with Local and International featured talents.

Such as:

Jervon Ryan


Kadeem Joseph


(Bae-ola) Fayola Jardine


Although I didn’t reach in time to hear these 3 especially, I heard they did a exceptional job as per usual.

Also had Trinidadian Artist, Kleon McPherson with his dopeee spoken word piece


I don’t think Imma get over that one line he said, it went something like this.

“Girls, You’re not a professional DJ so there is no reason we should be seeing all your tracks”


giphy (3).gif

I. Was. DEAD. lmao

Well, Well , Anyways Lettuce Continue

SO during the rest of the evening as artists went up and did their thing. I noticed that at one point one of my fav singing groups was going up on stage.

So I was already like


This group I’m referring to was none other than Jus Soul.


They sang a few hits and such and all of us was like:



They paused.

and YO.

All. I. heard. was 

X O X O My Lo…

and this was me:


I Kid you NOT, I was two seconds away from turning into Chavz Kartel REALLLLL QUICK.

I was so shocked, I braced back on the wall and stood up like:


Being that I’m at this Caucasian Sophisticated event

I had to behave proper

So Outer me was like:



That surely made my night, EVEN THO THEY SANG THE CLEAN VERSION.

What is a “Pan you, Pan you?!!!”


Another stand out for me was who I really anticipated seeing.

Heather Doram


When she went up and did her piece entitled, “Fifty Shades of Maisie” and started talking about handcuffs and things she’d  do for him and such.

I was like:


oh yeah??!

giphy (2).gif

If it’s one thing, I ALWAYS know her perfomance about to be just bare fireeeeee! I honestly thoroughly enjoyed that.

They also had some other singing performances from the likes of

(Bae=na) Daina Barnes and My Love Asher Otto, which were both fantastic as per usual.

The Kutting Edge Band came on to close off the event with some dope steel pan music playing songs like Macy Gray’s I try.

Then an Entertaining After Party with DJ Nez on the 1’s and 2’s.

All in All, I enjoyed the event! I’m going to miss the intimate settings it was before with less people and such but I’m happy more people was able to experience Soothe and I look forward to next year !


My Ratings for this is a 8.5/10

Oh! and Shoutouts to Pixel Perfect Studio for the dope photography! Be sure to check out their facebook page or the Soothe Event Page to see more from this event.

My next event I think may be Mandy’s 22nd Part 3 so you can def look out to hearing about that soon.

Till then, Stay Dope

– Dot Kid


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