10 Top ways to piss of a Photographer



Welcome to this special edition blog post which I’m calling “10 Top Ways to Piss of a Photographer”.

What led me to make this post you may ask?

Uhmm.. Well In my 3 years of doing photography, I’ve gone through COUNTLESS situations that be havin me like:

giphy (2).gif

So, Over the weekend, I made a public status on my facebook account, asking photographers/photo taker-ers what are a few things that have annoyed them.

So, combining theirs with my personal pet peeves here’s my top 10 in RANDOM ORDER.

Let the rant begin


1) “Can you send me the other photos/raw files, you don’t have to edit them”

Lemme start by saying, you ever go KFC and say “Can I get the other chicken in the back? you don’t have to season them”

giphy (3).gif

Listen, if you pay for 5 images, there is NO way you can expect to get 5 + all the 400 we had to sort through to find the best 5 for you. Bear in mind also, that editing is apart of the package you’re paying for, as I don’t think any photographer out there be giving out raw images straight off the camera…

Well, I hope not cause ..


Fact of the matter is, if you want more images, you gonna have to start


…and they still would be edited, so bye.

2) “Hey, I wanna do a shoot with you but Idk what I want to do but I know I want you to do it..any ideas?”




Please, if you know in your blessed heart, that you want to do a shoot. Do a little research first, what type of shoot you’re looking for? Theme? Outfit? Color Scheme? Location? BRING ANYTHING TO THE TABLE, we can work on it. I personally, will NOT take you serious if you come to me like this and with that being said,

Lettuce move on.

3) “Wow ________ just for 2 picha? Best I use my phone it has a 23 mp camera”


giphy (4).gif

Now I’m pretty sure everyone by now have seen the meme’s with how much a photographer has to spend on equipment ALONE.

You’re paying money for

  • Top notch photography/ HQ images
  • High end Editing

If you don’t have the money then fine but DON’T downplay the time, energy and skill photographers have to go through/learn to do what they do.

So bite your lip and go tek your selfies in peace and wait till you got the money. Sounds good?

tenor (1).gif


4) “Yo, I don’t like that photo of my gf/bf can you please take it down?”


I’ve been in this situation, WAYYYYYYY too much. Lemme make this clear, I did the shoot with your significant other, NOT YOU. So you telling me/ blinging down my hotline is not gonna make me do anything.

Please, take that up with your loved one. I did not send them out to shoot in a bikini, they did.

Once I have permission from said client, Jesus himself gonna have to come and tell me “tek uhm dung”

I’d give y’all couple stories but I’m not tryna have another long blog post today lmao.


So, Moving on…

5) “Hey, you wanna come to my party? You could bring your camera if you want..maybe take a few shots”

giphy (3)

Issa No from me.

Like, don’t come with that nonsense, it’s either you want me there as your friend or you gonna hire me to take your photos.


My camera always enjoy long meaningful sleep sessions in my bed when I’m out so I like to give it the rest it needs sometimes.

It’ll wake up for money tho


Support your friends! Which brings me to the next one!

6) Friends who are only friends with you for free photos


There’s too many folks who are like this.

That “friend” who shoots an idea at you and then when you start quoting prices, they suddenly need to “get back to you.”

giphy (5).gif

If you are a true friend, you’ll support them by paying for what you want, NOT by expecting free things and using the “friend” card as a way to get them.

….and NO also, I’m not looking for any models thanks.

I can’t buy Beyonce twins baby shower gifts with Favors and “Thank you’s”

Imma just need you to run that cash fam.



let’s go..

7) “Wow, that photo looks good! You must have a nice camera”

giphy (6).gif

Wow! Your food taste delicious! What brand pots you normally buy?


Lemme see the day when you put rice in a pot and just leave it without putting in water, fire nothing and it magically cook.

Can we stop this statement in 2017? Thanks. NO other words. Moving on.

8) “Can’t you just edit/photoshop that out?”


I swear folks be thinking Photographers are magicians that can transform anything with a wave of a wand.

No, I can’t turn you into beyonce, no I can’t photoshop your friend from America next to you

NO, just no.

giphy (7).gif


9) *takes photo today at 12:30pm* *gets a message at 8am tomorrow* When am I going to get the photos?

giphy (3)

I haven’t even said my prayers yet fam…

Like sometimes, I be just wanting to toss my phone.

If you’re given a due date, can you just be patient and wait?

Idk if you realize but ……….we kinda are humans also.


tenor (2).gif

….I know.

and also.. We sorta have lives outside Photography so no, we don’t just go home and plug in the laptop and start working on your photos.

Mans got wife, kids sometimes dogs to go feed and socialize with.


giphy (8).gif

This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to photography. Nothing more hurts my heart than to get a tag from a client one of the images from our shoot with a uglyyy instagram filter killing the complete quality of the image.

I just be like:


When it comes to that, don’t tag me.

That ain’t my image anymore, tag instagram or whatever photo app you used.

This is not cool -__- It completely ruins the image, just use your phone next time buddy.

So hey! Now you know my top 10 ways that you can piss of a photographer, do us on a favor and DON’T DO THEM.




Signed- Photographers Everywhere

See yall on the next blog post!

Stay Dope

  • – Dot Kid

11 thoughts on “10 Top ways to piss of a Photographer

  1. The friends for benefits 😩😩😩😩 the worst shitting thing ever! And the ones who arent even subtle about it. Everytime they get around you, they wan talk bout what you do 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Liked by 1 person

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