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Wahhhhhh Gwarrrnnnnnnnn!!

Issa notherrr one! Back again bringing the Views from the Kid and today it’s alllll about DJ Jime Up4. 

One of the most anticipated fetes since Up3 last Year. Here’s a replay for those who probably wasn’t there last year. (Up3 Review)

Done read? AHRIGHTT! Lettuce Continue! (You should really Click lettuce)

So yes! Let’s take a trip back in time to Up4.


(P.s- If you didn’t get that that’s so raven reference, get off my Caucasian blog immediately!)



Now, when I say this has been anticipated, that’s a understatement.

Folks have been like:


Errybody and their grandmother knows that when Jime does his events, he DOES his events.

So promotion started and we got the Artist line up which consisted of

  • DJ Virus
  • DJ Elementz
  • DJ Quixx
  • DJ Mad Out
  • Artiste Team
  • Stiffla
  • and ofc DJ Jime

So we had top DJ’s who we knew was gonna be shelling more tunes for ya headtop allll night.

The next thing to do was to go into prep mode.

Now, Y’all know how much I take outfitting for events seriously, so this was definitely no excuse.

Now at this point I had lavender colored hair and I planned to carry this look for a while as I liked it. Now there was this suede shirt that I saw in this particular store in town and

I was like YES! Imma be Suede Daddy, walking in like:


I legit thought everything would have went well but OF COURSE, MY LIFE = TRASH.

I went back to the store to buy the shirt and the guy looks at me and was like..”Oh, we don’t have your size, all are sold out.”



Called Anya like:


Whole life in shambles, just like that.

But then Jesus stepped in and told me to go on Instagram one day, and I saw that my favorite Male Store here “Lifestyle Up North” had a new stock of clothes.



Ended up getting my entire outfit from Lifestyle Up North with assistance from StyledbyAnniemcfierce.

However! We noticed that the color hair I had would not fit with what I was wearing so, I changed my entire hair color the night before.


The day finally came and it was time to get ready, we started around mins to 2pm. Got my Comp Ticket via the TickeTing App and had my outfit and everything.

I dubbed this look “BRONZE DADDY”

We arrived at the location around 4:37 and had to find parking to get on the shuttle to the actual venue.

Idk what it is with the police but it’s like everytime they see Anya’s car they carry us in bush to park.

and I’m always like:


After the shuttle we arrived at the venue and My first observation was the fact that alot of folks seemed to have found the opportunity to wear their white fete outfit.

Girls walking up to ticket booth like:




There was a small line for the physical ticket area but we had a Caucasian tickets via the Ticketing app, so we walked up to the N’Kenge like:

tenor (1).gif

We got in, got some cool ticketing cups and still got our newly branded “A DJ Jime Event” Cup.


Also, there was some girls at the entrance, ready to welcome you with some cool stuff.

We had Sister Protection, with Up4 Branded Condoms.


Sister Sweet, with Up4 branded Lollipops


and the coolest Sister Polaroids, who would take your photo and post it on the Polaroid board.

After that we had to pass the Lucozade stand where they basically gave us a cup of lucozade to get our energy up.

Walking in to an event is always an experience, just a bunch of cameras waiting to capture you’re every moment. We had That Guy Images, Solo Photography, Nijah Antigua and Greater Than Media.


First thing we did when we went in was go to the shots bar.


Which tasted fantastic btw. The bartender gave me the clear one but that kinda looked kinda like hangover the next morning. So I requestd the red one and was trying to give the clear one back but he was like:



giphy (1).gif

So this happened:


After that we decided to go to the actual drinks bar, whilst looking for that we noticed that there was a actual food station.


tenor (2).gif

That caught me by surprise because I originally knew there was gonna be light snacks not actual, actual food.

We then found the bar and lo and behold it was our favorite bartender from Pure calling out to us like:




As I said in my last blog post Feteing 101: Find a good bartender and stick to him/her

….but she stuck to us. *inserts big dutty brawling crying here*

So yes! We got our drinks EASILY then headed to find a spot where we would chill for the day, so we went and stood on the steps and just cooled out, danced, took selfies etc.


Whilst turning up, we noticed this ONE girl walking in and posing like:




Then she took off the cover up from her bottom and was walking around like:



tenor (1)

At least she was confident I guess.

effort star.jpg

Anyways. after that we noticed a bunch of guys walking in the same outfit, this blue and white striped shirt.

We were like squad goals !!! ….but honestly I couldn’t help that all I saw was this:


(Don’t come for me please, issa joke)

SO yes! After drinking for a while, we decided it was time to take a bathroom break, we rolled up to the bathroom and saw this:


“Dicks” “Chicks”

and still I saw folks standing around like: 

tenor (2)

We just ended up going to the bathroom inside and got some delicious goat water one time.

I must say the People at Up4 looked so happy, everyone was just partying with each other and having a great time.

The music was lit from beginning to end.

Still tryna figure out how we got from the top of the steps to the front of the stage tho.


Soca section had me like:


Dancehall Section had me like:


Hip Hop Section had me like:


One of the Highlight of the night was when this guy proposed to his girl on stage during the soca section.

She was like:


and her friends on the sideline was like:


and We was just there like:

*cries in single*


During the end of the night there was this weird sound clash thing happening, where one DJ would play a song then another would respond.

MInd u this is BAREEE WAR TUNE.



Otherwise than that, It truly was a great night with some great people.


(P.s – Yes, there was a little bar mishap but Jime have publicly apologized on that 100 times already and I personally was not affected by it, so I have no reason to speak about it.)

My rating for this event is a 4.8/5

Look out for the next DJ Jime GyalFarm Event !

Mark the Date: Sunday, October 28th 2017


The next review to look out for would be “Reggae in the Park”

Till Then, Stay Dope!

— Bronze Daddy


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