KIDVIEWS: “SURPRISE!” Myst Birthday Party






lmfao hold up, that gif killed me.

lemme catch maself.



YOWWW!!! Waddup guys?!  It’s been a while enit?

Wellllllll, I sorta took a little vacay but now I’m back and I got 2 reviews lined up for ya.

First up !



So this came as a shock to most people but I already knew about it tbh. However, being sworn under oath I had to pretend like I didn’t.

So when I was out and friends was saying if I saw the flyer

I was like:



Meanwhile internally I’m like:


I honestly slacked off so much on outfit tho tbh. As I been soooooo busy, it’s crazy. However I put a little ting together, thanks to Lifestyle UPNorth.

My fete buddies were away but luckily I got to hang with Fana for the night.

Before we got ready tho, we def had to go on a food mission. As we were hungryyyy!

Ended up going this Syrian man on all saints road after “Omaha Bakery” where we got the BEST shawarma I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Took one bite and was like:


We also saw this chicken that had ALOT of resemblance to KFC so we was like …Yeahhhh, lemme get two of those thanks.


We took a bite of it and was like:

giphy (2).gif

We just felt so deceived.

After all a dat drama, we then got ready for the PAWTYY!


So as we walked in DJ Quest was playing and we were greeted by the Beautiful Myst Girls and table filled with green colored shots.

Shots??????? I was like:


After a while, I got peer pressured and ended up regretting it *side eyes Stephina*

We also got whistles and glow sticks, so I was like YUP dis is InTENseee.

The Venue started to pack up realll fast and I wasn’t sure where we gonna stand until we were greeted by Team Myst which placed bands on our hands and showed us that we had an elevated place to chill.

Me at this point:

tenor (1).gif

When I walked up and noticed we had a full bar for ourselves, I already knew what was about to happen.

giphy (5).gif

We had a very InTENse opening prayer by Deacon Ibis about not going Insane and how ICONic we all are.



I was TRULY blesssedddd!

So Ambience! The Myst Team Section was so cool, there were these craaazy red and blue lights and a big Myst Piñata (all now, we can’t see what was inside *Side eyes Tas*)

We then went to the bar and got my English Harbour  & Ginger which was followed by me  looking down at the crowd caucasianly like:

giphy (6).gif

I enjoyed performances from

  • Menace
  • Young Lyrics
  • Zammy
  • Ricardo Drue

annndddddd Special Guest! Patrice!

I saw Patrice and was like


I only realized then she was in the same Section I was in, so clearllyyy Imma go say hi.

Went over and all I heard was, SHOTS! SHOTS ! SHOTS!



I tried to get away but they caught me and tried shoving the shot in my hand

As it was getting closer, this was legit me:

tenor (2).gif

I eventually took it cause Patrice was watching me so ya know…can’t look like a punk.


We put the shots in the air alll cool like, cheering and ting.

Then when we took down our hands…



I saw Patrice looking like she wanted to do the same thing and whispered to her

“You can throw it over your shoulder ya know, I won’t tell anyone”

Patrice: OMG I was just thinking to do that



OK fine, maybe I didn’t say that but in my head I did. -_-

Anywaysssss, So after that DJ Jime was spinning on the ones and two’s. This was when my brain started to get fuzzy as I don’t even remember who went on after.

All I do remember is me being propped up by Linisa’s shoe and a wonderful young lady going down to “Ben dung my gurl ben dung”

At this point everyone was just going wilddddddd, by this time we went down into the crowd and  I look around and see Ibis Like:

unnamed (2).png

Turned back around and saw some guy with a box on his head jamming through the crowd and Fana’s jamming with a mop stick in the air.

I really loved how nobody cared who was watching, everyone just had such a good time, as it was suppose to happen!

Myst continues to bring the vibes for summer and I am looking forward to the next Myst Event “Let’s Crawl OverSeas” July 23rd!


Also, Look out for Tomorrow’s Review on Lituation!

Till next time!

Stay Dope!!

  • DotKid.




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