AH READY!!!!!!


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Hope ya’ll have recovered from the weekend and ting and ting.

As per usual, I’ve got a review for you guys and guess what? This is officially sponsored by Peer Pressure Promotions!

SOOoooooooooooooooooo, This week it’s all about



Lettuce Begin. (You should really really really click the word Lettuce)

Okay, welcome back lmao

Now errryyybody knows that Blue Jeans is one of my favorite fetes.

So I already planned since last year that I’m attending this one, it was just a matter of outfit and awlll ah dat.

When the flyer dropped, I just sat there and watched it like.


Now even tho I remembered that Blue Jeans was coming up soon, I’m not gonna lie eh…IT CREEPED UP ON ME SO FAST.

Next thing I knew, blue jeans was next week and I didn’t even have my frock read yet.

Here going through ideas and my closet like:


I wanted something that would change the game entirely, without revealing a romphim yet cause for some reason I had a feeling someone was gonna wear it then. So that was completely out of the question for meh.

After a while it came to me, A Very Caucasian Long Denim Coat, Blue Hair and a basic outfit underneath.



So there I had my outfit idea, it was just to get it made now.

Shoutout to MC&U for being able to fulfill my request in less than a week, ya’ll the real MVP.

But hold up,

CAN YOU IMAGINEEEEE! I went to drop off my fabric to get my coat made, I’m soooo excited at this point like, bouncing off walls and ting.

Walked home like:

tumblr_m3qbjyOtpg1rna86e (1).gif

Then next thing you know, MET office brings out a broadcast saying they’ll be a storm the Saturday of Blue Jeans??….





giphy (1).gif

I was like, NOPE! NOPE! NO!


Even if I had to wear ma outfit and jam inna hurricane

giphy (2).gif





So I just went ahead and got myself together because I knew my Jesus wouldn’t let me not wear my outfit.


Got my VIP Tickets and laid down in bed like:


Very Caucasian.

Then after that it was preparation time, hair wise of course.

Shoutouts to Anya & Olivea for coming through with coloring my hair how I wanted it. I appreciate you guys!

The Saturday finally arrived and I thought hmm, something’s missing…

What could it be…

Then I heard a Caucasian voice saying….




Made my Graphic then Got in touch with customizemenow via Lisa (Shoutout to you guys!) to complete my outfit.

…and this was it.


PC: ThatGuyImages/Two6Eight Promotions

First of all, Parking was as expected, ram packed.

So myself, Anya and Linisa ended up parking behind God’s Back to then walk to the Venue.


I felt all my sins in this heat but oddly enough, I wasn’t even sweating.

Cause guess what? Caucasians are always cool.

tenor (2).gif

Meanwhile everyone’s walking and looking like:


We finally arrived at the Venue, walked in like:


The VIP Entrance was a breeze. We just walked through, got our bands and was ready to witness greatness.

On entrance we got mini wine glasses with wine ready for us.

So Caucasian.

Claudette Peters was on the stage as we was walking in, shelling vibes as per usual.
We wanted to get food first but the food line was crazyyy.

Was standing at the back like:


Ended up just going to get drinks because We didn’t have faces fit for lines.


I kid, I kid but yeah the line was wayy too long.

However! Getting drinks was so easy, we were served as soon as we got there and they were mixed well.

Then we found a spot to chill for a while, Meanwhile I’m being approached about my shirt, coat and how cool my hair is.


tenor (3)


I realized that I wasn’t the only person with blue hair tho, I was like oh. Clearly Blue was the wave, however the denim outfits were pretty cool too.

I’m always fascinated with how folks incorporate denim in different ways to wear. ALTHOUGH I feel this year alot of folks went a different route and probably didn’t even wear anything denim/jeans related.

I had a couple favs but I’m legit too lazy to go look for them right now.

However, I must say shout out to Jameil, I mean there was alot of buzz about this the night and the day after for the Romphim he wore but I think the courage to wear one says alot.


However, I’m coming for you bruh! lmao.

So after awhile we decided to go into General to go look for Cocher.


Had to stop and say a prayer before I walked through like:


Passing and hailing people and then realizing red eye going around so had to be like

anigif_sub-buzz-10513-1483272838-2 (2).gif

Ain’t nobody tryna get no redness of the eyes outchea.

After a while we found Cocher, linked up for a bit then realize that our stomach was playing the bongo drums so we went back to VIP for food.

By this time the food line was completely empty and I was like:


I legit only then realized that the labels of the foods were on Jeans…How cooool is thatttt.


I got Goat Water, Fish and Chips and all the Tacos they had, cause BRUHHH I was hungry.

Wasn’t even caring who was watching, I was just like:

giphy (3).gif

The food had me like


So being filled, we went for more drinks then back into general.

By the time we ended back up in General it was the Dj Segment and we ended up right up infront the stage.

DJ Ana from Trinidad?

She murdered her set.

I was just like:

tenor (4).gif

Her transitions, flow and everything was just on point.

Then we had Private Ryan who did a great job as per usual. Although I could have probably told you what was coming next when he was playing, the music was still great.

The Strangest thing tho was during his set I somehow reached on stage and was literally just going off to the music with Paige.

My disappointment tho was during Ryan’s set the police came up and was like, 5 more minutes


l0HlQsJxhlKZtEM9y (1).gif


DJ Jime didn’t even get to play yet and he’s who usually closes Blue Jeans.

So Jime was like:

giphy (4)

I’m not totally sure what happened or if there was a time constraint but who knows eh? For the most part I had a great time!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Rating: 4/5

I’m honestly not sure where I’ll go next buttttt I know wherever I do, you’ll know soon haha

Till THEN!!

TRY and Stay Cool


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