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Sup Guys! Hope everyone’s good, having a good week and such.

I’ve got another review here for you guys, sponsored by our very own Marketing Machine!

So… no long talking, let’s get into it!

It’s all about



So PSA…. this would be my very first Red Eye.

Yeah I know, I knowwwww, how I never been to one…??

blahhhhhhh, blah, blah

giphy (5).gif

Aint matter now cause I went to this one, happy? tuh.

So yes, Red Eye accurately dubbed the “Baby Daddy Fest” because of Konshens and Kes.

Then Kes ironically cut his locs about 2 weeks before.

So most girls were already like:


The Lord himself made it possible to attend that event and we only had a few hours to prepare.

SO outfit wise, it was really simple..

Whatever clean and me nah haffu iron? I’ll wear. Which ended up being all white and since I’m trying this thing where I “try” to wear colored clothing to events, it worked.


We arrived in VIP couple mins after 12 and Zammy was on stage doing his thing.

I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever Zamoni switches up his voice to his stage voice, I’m always like:


Just From Little Shy Boy to Backhoe running through a dirty road REALLLL FAST. That’s the amount a power he always has on stage.

The man voice powerfullllllllllll!!!

During this, we decided that we needed to eat something before we got drinks.

The food selection was off the chain, we had Goat Water, Seafood Chowder, Chicken Pasta and much more. (eat your heart out if you lost ya mind and didn’t go)

Me when I heard they had Goat Water :


I strongly believe in Goat Water at events so that’s always the first thing I go to get, while Anya got the Chicken Pasta.

We then got drinks, which was super easy and  by the time we did it was time for Ricardo’s Set, so we started our way up to the stage for VIP.

Ya’ll already know how explosive Ricardo’s sets are and how he usually interacts with his crowd.

At a point in time he placed out his hand at Somebody Mommy in the crowd and she looked up like:


Ricardo’s set was really good, he performed his hit songs like Iron and Body Language

During Body Language this old couple was in the front of the crowd like:




*whispers to Anya* I dont think this is fun anymore…

After internally vomiting, I happened to see Jayd and Keva getting on infront of me and I was like:

200_s (3).gif

After Body Language, he performed another one of his new songs “The Break up Song”

For those who don’t know it..

Here’s some of the lyrics

Thank God it’s over

Thank God I’m over you

It’s finally over

It’s been long overdue

Thank God


I can finally get some freedom!

So when he then asked

“Is ya ex in the crowd? This song is for them!”

Me looking in the general crowd from the VIP Stage:


(cause pretty sure they aint gonna be in VIP) *stifled laugh*

While looking in the crowd, I saw someone and their sugar daddy in the audience like:

tenor (2).gif

You can basically tell by now how great Ricardo’s set was.

After his set we went back to get drinks and then while coming back up Joseph stopped me with some type of liquid in a wine glass


So I was like what is this?

Him: A special drink for you bro”



To this day, I have no idea what it was but it tasted so good, although I realized I’d be sorry the next day cause only death follows when I mix my drinks.

I spent some time chatting with Justine while enjoying the scene and suddenly…

All l I heard was

*bass drop*







*proceeds to run up to the stage*

Just to see, there was some split in the middle contest going on, basically some white girls vs this one black girl.

White Girl was like:


Black Girl was like:


and then the guys in the front of the stage was like:

200w_d (3).gif

Right after this we had Tian, who also had a great set.

He even covered some top dancehall songs, which had the crowd raving and waving.

After a while I noticed that the Musicians probably couldn’t hear themselves so they was playing but their faces was like:


However, we could hear them so we were just like:


Up next was Konshens!

I must say he has great stage presence, although I felt like he moving through his songs rather quickly but

The girls were like:


Meanwhile, Joseph was just sneaking around refilling my cup when I wasn’t looking lmao

Midway through is perfomance, I don’t know how but some man came on stage out the crowd singing some mumbling song.

Pardna had the muscians backing him up and all that, toooooooooooooooooooo hype!

Only in Antigua!

Then after Konshens we had the big man himself, who a lotttttt of people came out for


From the beginning to the end his energy was on MAX!!


Literally he had the ladies in front like:


He performed all the songs you thought he would, even I can’t remember right now.

However! It’s when he performed Tuesday on the rocks and sang the line

“hot gyal sitting down twisting my locks”

Meanwhile he twisted his curls while singing it..


tenor (8).gifSo much questions…

A funny part was when he went and sat on the speaker at the front of the stage and sang to a girl and then she was literally like:

4OowbIsmYHbpu (1)

Mannn Kes’s performance was truly a way to leave the best performer for last.

Right after him we then had Jime to close off the event.

With no interruptions this time eh, so yes he ACTUALLY played



Also met up with Kes, who I may be working with soon. *contains excitement*


Shout to Chalita and his Team for a great night tbh! Everything was on point! I really had a good time and it was a well put together fete!



Rating: 5/5

We’re about half way done through this Carnival Season and I just wanna tell everyone to be safe PLEASE!

Till the new review…

Stay Cool!







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